Scott County

The Scott County Farm Bureau is the leader and voice of agriculture in Scott County.

wayne brown“I want to thank you for looking in on the Scott County Farm Bureau section of the Two Rivers Farm Bureau website. Throughout our history as an organization, we have served our members with the goal of working with them and for them to improve the quality of farm family life. Our organization and directors are active in their communities representing not only farming but also rural life. We organized in 1920 upon the principle to provide a progressive voice for farmers in Scott County. That and tradition continues and is embodied in the many programs and services we offer our members. We welcome your membership and participation in the organization.” — Wayne Brown, President

The Scott County Farm Bureau Board of Directors are elected to a three-year term of office. They are elected at-large but geographically represent the many areas of Scott County.

  • Wayne Brown, President; Winchester
  • Jeff Hurrelbrink, Vice President, Winchester
  • Andy Sellars, Secretary; Winchester
  • Paul Stice, Treasurer; Winchester
  • Will Andras, Manchester
  • Ben Coon, Winchester
  • Jim Freeman, Bluffs
  • Barb Mathews, Winchester
  • Jeff Schone, Bluffs (Past President)
  • Andy Sellars, Winchester
  • Chris Smith, Chapin


  • Voting Member – farm operator/land owner = $65.00
  • Associate Member -non farmer = $20.00